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Source code included. New API manual for OpenComRTOS 1.4

Following the imminent release of the Springer book on OpenComRTOS, Altreonic has decided to now include the kernel source code and the build system with its licenses. Hence the binary license is dropped and replaced with the source code license. With v 1.4. also a new users manual was released coovering all integrated tools as well as the Safe Virtual Machine for C. The OpenTracer is now also available as a stand-alone tool.

Download the latest Win32 OpenComRTOS suite and the new manual from the download section. This is a unique opportunity to discover that parallel concurrent programming on large heterogenous networked processors, whether on a single chip or physically widely distributed, is not difficult at all. Provided the right paradigm is used from the very beginning. We call it "Interacting Entities".


Altreonic's technology can be applied in many different application domains. We list here an overview.

Base line:

Altreonic's unified methodology for systems and software engineering with a focus on high reliability and safety enabled embedded applications.

Technology approach:

Altreonic applies a formalised analysis with supporting tool to cover from early concept till production. Across all activities of the systems engineering process there is a permanent life cycle view with a focus on efficiency of the whole system.

Horizontal markets    

Requirements engineering for high reliability markets

  • GoedelWorks enhanced with safety standards awareness

  • Consultancy & training

  • GoedelWorks Customisation


Formal Software engineering

  • OpenComRTOS was formally developed and verified using formal methods like TLA+/TLC and UPPAAL. Our engineers can support you in formally developing your software and verifying it.

Real Time Operating System
  • The VirtuosoNext Designer is a unique and scalable network-centric RTOS requiring about 5 - 30 KiBytes/node while supporting heterogeneous targets.
High reliability controllers
  • Altreonic's StarFish controllers allow to trade off scalable performance vs. fault tolerance thanks to its multicore/multiprocessor architecture supported by VirtuosoNext.
Vertical markets    
Ultra low power embedded devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Building control
  • Sensors
Enabled by small code size and transparent support for multicore/ manycore systems.
Distributed control
  • Smart robots
  • Sensor networks
Enabled by our RTOS networked architecture supporting heterogeneous targets
Multicore/manycore devices
  • Hand held devices
  • Set-up boxes
  • Internet clusters
VirtuosoNext supports such architectures in conjunction with a host OS
Parallel Computing
  •  Number crunching
Our RTOS low overhead support for multiprocessor systems

Fault tolerant systems/

safety critical systems

  • Process control
  • Infrastructure control
  • E-vehicles
  • Smart Grid
The RTOS was formally developed
It provides transparent support for triplication
Safe Virtual Machine for C
Our own controllers
Custom design services




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