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Altreonic's technology can be applied in many different application domains. We list here an overview.

Base line:

Altreonic's unified methodology for systems and software engineering with a focus on high reliability and safety enabled embedded applications.

Technology approach:

Altreonic applies a formalised analysis with supporting tool to cover from early concept till production. Across all activities of the systems engineering process there is a permanent life cycle view with a focus on efficiency of the whole system.

Horizontal markets    

Requirements engineering for high reliability markets

  • GoedelWorks enhanced with safety standards awareness

  • Consultancy & training

  • GoedelWorks Customisation


Formal Software engineering

  • OpenComRTOS was formally developed and verified using formal methods like TLA+/TLC and UPPAAL. Our engineers can support you in formally developing your software and verifying it.

Real Time Operating System
  • The VirtuosoNext Designer is a unique and scalable network-centric RTOS requiring about 5 - 30 KiBytes/node while supporting heterogeneous targets.
High reliability controllers
  • Altreonic's StarFish controllers allow to trade off scalable performance vs. fault tolerance thanks to its multicore/multiprocessor architecture supported by VirtuosoNext.
Vertical markets    
Ultra low power embedded devices
  • Hearing aids
  • Building control
  • Sensors
Enabled by small code size and transparent support for multicore/ manycore systems.
Distributed control
  • Smart robots
  • Sensor networks
Enabled by our RTOS networked architecture supporting heterogeneous targets
Multicore/manycore devices
  • Hand held devices
  • Set-up boxes
  • Internet clusters
VirtuosoNext supports such architectures in conjunction with a host OS
Parallel Computing
  •  Number crunching
Our RTOS low overhead support for multiprocessor systems

Fault tolerant systems/

safety critical systems

  • Process control
  • Infrastructure control
  • E-vehicles
  • Smart Grid
The RTOS was formally developed
It provides transparent support for triplication
Safe Virtual Machine for C
Our own controllers
Custom design services




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