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Rosetta landing Physics World 2014 Breakthrough of the Year

The Physics World, the member magazine of the Institute of Physics has nominated ESA's Rosetta mission as the 2014 Breakthrough of the Year for being the first to land a spacecraft on a comet. 

Main mission of Rosetta's Philae lander accomplished

Today (15 November 2014), Rosetta's Philae lander went into sleep, its batteries depleted but still it could upload the last set of measurements. The lander might wake up again if it can catch enough sunlight to recharge the batteries. Rosetta itself will continue its mission.

Vehicle of the future: safety related pre-conditions to reach Mobility as a Service.

Altreonic's presentation at the "Vehicle of the future" track at the Bits&Chips Smart Systems 2014 conference/exhibition on 20 November 2014 's Hertogenbosch now available.

Safety-related pre-conditions for a sustainable automated mobility

Mobility as a Service

Advanced Embedded Systems Engineering workshops

     Eindhoven 17 March 2015 - Evoluon

     Enschede 18 March 2015 - Conferentiehotel De Drienerburght

     Delft 19 March 2015 - Hotel De Plataan

     Karlsruhe 30 March 2015

     Nueremberg 31 March 2015

     Munich 1st April 2015.

Next Venues:

Germany (Berlin, Hannover), France (Paris, Lille, Toulouse). Stay tuned.

Embedded Systems are increasingly being called Cyber-Physical or Smart Systems. The reason is a growing complexity covering multiple domains as well as an increasing need for provable and verifiable trustworthy behaviour. The workshop aims at demonstrating how engineering such systems can be simplified, while remaining trustworthy and coming into reach of smaller engineering teams. By applying a formal development process and by using a qualifiable tool suite, the transition from requirements to implementation can be done in a systematic and traceable way, resulting in certifiable products in less time and at a lower cost. Keywords are "unified semantics" and "interacting entities". The methodology will be illustrated using several examples and demos with Altreonic's integrating GoedelWorks and OpenComRTOS Designer. Read further for more details.

Qualification Package for OpenComRTOS Designer v.1.6

28 October, 2014, Altreonic Linden Labs.

OpenComRTOS Designer is Altreonic’s formally developed network-centric RTOS with associated modeling and debugging tools. It is unique in the sense that it supports heterogeneous systems and hence it is much more a generic programming and modeling environment than a simple RTOS. While it supports high-end multicore processors, it also supports distributed systems, DSPs and small microcontrollers thanks to its very small code size and build-in support for transparent distributed real-time scheduling. Now available with a Qualification Pack for safety and mission critical applications.

Meeting up with Altreonic

Altreonic has presented at following events:

Rosetta rendez-vous with comet. Virtuoso RTOS on board.

Historic mission in search of the Origin of the Solar System

With a go-ahead in 1993, the Rosetta ESA mission was finally launched in March 2004. After a 10 years journey through our solar system, it has finally arrived and made rendez-vous with the 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko Comet.

Ada and SPARK-Ada for OpenComRTOS Designer

Ada and SPARK-Ada interface for OpenComRTOS Designer 

Ada has a long history. Originally developed in the late 70's on request of the US DoD, it became available with a certified compiler in 1983. While the language had as goal to improve the quality of software, in its striving to be complete (procedural, object-oriented, modularity, concurrent tasking and many more features), it was complex and fairly heavy to use. Nevertheless, it was and still is the language of choice for large safety critical applications, especially when large teams are involved. Its complexity, the steep pricing for the tools and its lower performance inhibited its wider use. Hence C compilers offering often better performance and more control over the hardware gradually became the compiler of choice even if thelanguage has many safety issues. Ironically, VHDL which is a widely used programming language to develop hardware circuits heavily borrowed fromAda.

Release of GoedelWorks 2.0 with standard pattern for Work Packages

New release of GoedelWorks 2.0

Altreonic has the pleasure to announce the new v.2.0 release of its GoedelWorks portal. It inherits from v.1.0. the "systems grammar" that with 16 core concepts allows to define any systems engineering project. It keeps the view that a system is the end-result of a development project whereby a chosen process (often domain and organisation specific) is followed. 

ANTI-FRAGILE workshop and FISITA papers. Workshop. Jobs.

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