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Kick-off for DaVinci R&D project

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 18 September 2018

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The project is coordinated at HASLab INESC-TEC, University of Minho (Portugal) with external members from CWI/Leiden University, SRI International, and from the company Altreonic.


DaVinci: Distributed Architectures: Variability and Interaction for Cyber-Physical Systems

Short Description:

Distributed software systems are becoming more and more integrated with our daily lives. This ongoing trend is particularly visible in Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) - networks of devices that are usually characterised by their large number of nodes and the interplay between continuous sending of values and discrete events.

In this context, the DaVinci project proposes new software abstractions for interactions in CPS. These abstractions will be grounded, e.g., on real-time models, hybrid systems, dynamic logics, and relational algebra, and will be accompanied by a rich set of tools.

A concrete case-study will be provided by the Belgian company Altreonic, addressing the remote steering of their modular electric KURT vehicles.

More information at the project's website.




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