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This page is your entry point for downloading demo's, trial versions and some of the documentation of our products.

Requirements: You must be a registered user providing address and contact details by email while requesting the product key. The product key is needed to unzip the installation file.

What is provided:

- The "Systems Engineering with Goedelworks Booklet"

- A presentation on the ASIL project and GoedelWorks

- A free download version of the Win32 version of the OpenComRTOS Designer Suite (OpenVE + OpenTracer + Open Systems Debugger + OpenComRTOS). This product is free of charge and carries no royalties. The default compiler tools are MinGW and cmake. Support is not included but provided on a voluntary basis. All issues will always be reponded to. Download the bundled tools suite and contact us for the key.

Note: you might need to change your path settings when using another tool like e.g. Cygwin. Contact for details if needed.

- The Win32 or Linux version can be used as a simulator (single or multiprocessor) as well as a node in the target system. To obtain a target specific version, contact us directly.


VirtuosoNext_API_Manual.pdf4.43 MB
VisualDesigner- MB
RealTime - QoS - fine grain partitioning.pdf5.05 MB
Scalable embedded real-time with OpenComRTOS.pdf1.28 MB
Performance Figures VirtuosoNext.pdf275.64 KB
SE with GoedelWorks 3.pdf9.78 MB
Booklet on ARRL.pdf6.93 MB
OCR Designer Application Note.pdf19.41 MB
GoedelWorks and ASIL.pdf2.56 MB
SASSUR 2012 An Unified Metamodel for Trustworthy Systems Engineering.pdf475.12 KB
OpenComRTOS-Suite_Manual_1.4.pdf7.6 MB
OpenComRTOS_API-Manual.pdf7.6 MB
OpenVE_Manual_v_2.05.pdf1.19 MB
Performance Figures.pdf112.32 KB
OpenComRTOS-Suite- MB
Tutorial_1_Installing_the_OpenComRTOS_Suite_Win32_notes.pdf362.3 KB
OpenEventTracer- MB
OpenTracer Readme.pdf480.47 KB
Altreonic_June2017.pdf6.21 MB



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