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Altreonic approach to systems engineering with the GoedelWorks environment

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 08 April 2012

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GoedelWorks systems grammarAltreonic announces the availability of GoedelWorks* an internet based portal for safety and systems engineering. It is made available under a SaaS (Software As A Service) business model.
Based on a formalised approach, GoedelWorks is a new technology platform for collaborative systems and safety engineering project delivery. Developed for use by global and distributed teams, GoedelWorks is designed to facilitate how people work together to build systems and products, making project delivery more collaborative, productive, and transparent. You can think of GoedelWorks as an extensible framework that dynamically integrates and synchronizes people, processes, and resources associated with systems engineering development projects. From very small chips to large networked systems, GoedelWorks is the platform that facilitates teamwork and project management.

Moreover, GoedelWorks aims in particular at safety engineering projects. Therefore the platform supports not only the project development, but also the development of functional safety engineering processes allowing them to integrate with the organization specific processes. Using a formalized approach, the team is guided from early requirements till final product release. Every change is recorded and project artifacts (like those needed for safety certification) are created or updated while executing the development. Rigorous as well as agile project flows are seamlessly integrated and constitute a natural winning factor for success.
A first functional safety engineering process flow is aimed at the automotive and related sectors. It achieves this by importing a generic process flow supporting standards like IEC61508, IEC62061, ISO26262, ISO13849, ISO25119, ISO15998, CMMI and automotive SPICE. The latter is the result of a joint project with Flanders Drive, a regional knowledge cluster in the automotive sector. Users can customize these processes and integrate their own processes. Once created, GoedelWorks acts like a wizard and on-line repository, recording any project change.
The GoedelWorks platform enables collaboration among all stakeholders, domain experts, and anyone who plays a role in the successful delivery of the system. A central repository keeps track of all dependencies and project artifacts.

What sets GoedelWorks apart
Today's projects are executed by distributed teams with offices in multiple countries spanning several time zones and departments. Customers, architects, developers, testers, production, business stakeholders, and other domain experts all cooperate separated by time, distance, or organization.
What type of infrastructure promotes best work while allowing individual as well as team based progress? The GoedelWorks technology platform is designed to answer these needs.

It help teams to:
Collaborate. GoedelWorks leverages internet capabilities to enable broader and richer participation in the project delivery process and to overcome geographic and temporal differences. Thanks to the central repository, business and technical talent can cooperate wherever located and whenever they are available.
Reduce risks. GoedelWorks promotes early discussion and brainstorming during the requirements capturing phase. Errors detected at this stage have often the greatest impact on the success of a project. By using a central repository, information is kept coherent without the usual manual file shuffling. Moreover, the SaaS licensing model relieves many investment headaches.
Automate. The GoedelWorks platform empowers teams to automate individual and team workflows throughout the project lifecycle and to standardize processes without adding overhead. GoedelWorks automates repetitive tasks to improve team efficiency and to reduce time-to-market. Most importantly, it relieves engineers and managers from the tedious work to keep track of the thousands process artifacts. Traceability and dependency information are created on the spot.
•  Analyze. GoedelWorks delivers real-time insight into projects, and resource utilization to help teams make better informed decisions and continuously keep track of the project status.
Leverage their knowledge. GoedelWorks is based on a unique but very well thought out and straightforward information metamodel (only 16 concepts are needed). This allows GoedelWorks to import existing processes as well as creating them before or during project execution. As such, a GoedelWorks portal acts as a synchronizing communication platform, which assures knowledge management and makes it available on the spot for new members of the team.

While GoedelWorks was developed with the requirements of safety critical projects in mind, its methodology is domain independent. It provides the strength of a V-process model combined with the flexibility of agile development.

Available under a low cost SaaS licensing model, GoedelWorks will not only reduce the investment in developing and integrating third party point tools, it also results in less development costs, better products and lower risks. An initial training is advised followed by integration in the organizational processes.

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Eric Verhulst, eric.verhulst ( @= at), Tel.+32 16 202059 or +32 477 608 339

*: pronounciation [ˈkʊʁt ˈɡøːdəl] ( listen)

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