You are hereSuccessful presentation on ARRL at VDA Conference.

Successful presentation on ARRL at VDA Conference.

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 29 June 2019

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My presentation was very well received. Of course, the ultimate question was that while ARRL-7 implies an independent supervisory organisation for automotive, the question is how this goal can be reached. Will the sector welcome it and accept the openness it needs (like in the aviation sector)? Nevertheless, I am convinced that it will be needed anyway. The move towards MaaS (vs. a market of vehicles) and safety concerns with ADAS and autonomous driving require it. In general, many presentations were about autonomous driving and especially the use of A.I. (read Machine Learning with Neural Nets). Personally I have doubts. Is this the right tool? And is this even the right problem to solve? These systems now use 1 TFlop (with no redundancy) and clearly the sensors are not yet a match for our eyes.  Maybe 100 TFlop and much  better sensors can give us Level 5. But is it then still worth it?




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