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Altreonic partner in Flanders Drive ASIL project

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 28 January 2009

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Altreonic participates in the Flanders Drive ASIL project. It's full title is "Safety Integrity Levels in Automotive: from requirements towards a validated system". In this project Altreonic will contribute by integrating awareness for the selected Standard's compliance in its OpenCookbook environment. The specific and measurable goal of this project is to provide each of the Flanders’ drive partners with the capability to execute projects in appliance to SIL (Safety Integrity Level).

Flanders Drive is the Flemish pool of competence for the automotive industry and regroups industrial as well as research partners having activities that are applicable in the automotive domain. In automotive (off-highway, on-high as well as machine construction), safety has become a mandatory requirement affecting all suppliers. More and more functions are being implemented by a combination of electronics and embedded software and parts must have been developed according to a safety standard, typically IEC61508 whereby certification is a must. Developing a safety critical system imposes a tight control of the whole life cycle development process and is essentially just good engineering like Altreonic has developed for its Open Engineering methodology. The final goal is produts that we can trust, either as end-user, either as industrial integrator.

A sound engineering methodology is not only a must for safety critical applications. It is often also more economical by resolving issues at the design stage and not later on when the product has been developed or is already in production. A formalised approach can also often result in a more cost-efficient design. Complexity is not only the enemy of safety but also of cost. Whit a sound methodology, everybody wins.


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