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Altreonic presents its solutions at the Hannover Industrie Messe

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 06 April 2010

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1. Altreonic presents its solutions at Hannover Industrie Messe.

Reliable and trustworthy systems today requires engineering efforts at the system level.

Altreonic provides solutions enabling you to develop and certify your next high reliability safety critical application.
Visit us at Hannover Messe 2010, 19-23 April 2010, Hall 9 Stand F30.

To get your free e-ticket click on the following url and register:

Bring the printed ticket with you when visiting the largest industrial fair in the world; It is valid for the whole week and gives you free public transport to the Messe.

2. Integrated embedded systems and software solutions from Altreonic

Developing high reliability, even safety critical applications is often a daunting challenge. At Altreonic, we analysed the going practice, we analysed safety engineering standards and we took a fresh, straightforward approach. As a result, safety critical systems engineering is now coming in reach of small and medium sized companies as well. Complemented with training and consultancy, Altreonic has developed a novel methodology and the integrated tools to support it. 
OpenCookBook offers:
 - Internet based requirements and specifications capturing and
 - Definition of workplan and mapping specifications to model entities like hardware subsystems and software functions
 - Dependency and precedency trees for tracebility.
In one sentence: OpenCookBook allows you to define the right product, define your project development. The use of an internet portal simplifies the task of coordinating
While keeping the link with OpenCookBook, demanding embedded realtime systems are easily but safely programmed using Altreonic's OpenComRTOS Suite. It includes 3 tightly integrated tools:
 OpenVE offers:
 - OpenCookBook defined system entities, like hardware subsystems, RTOS tasks and task interactions.
 - Visual programming of networked and distributed realtime applications.
 - Powerful code generators minimising the programming effort.
 OpenComRTOS offers:

  •  Formally developed network-centric RTOS.
  •  Supports heterogeneous targets (up to 64K nodes).
  •  Very safe and clean architecture.
  •  Very performant yet very scalable.
  •  Easy integration of Windows or Linux host services.
  •  Simulation on PCs.
  •  Very small code size: typically around 5 KBytes/node.

 Read the attached Hannover Messe's article for more details.
 OpenTracer offers:

  •  Visual profiling of networked or distributed OpenComRTOS applications.
  • Visual profiling of the intra-node execution schedule
  • Visual profiling of the inter-node interactions

3. Risk-free Open License scheme.

A major issue with safety certification is access to source code and to design documents, especially when long term support is needed. Open Source licenses are often lacking in this respect because the design documentation is poor or even absent. Escrow agreements with access to the source code are often used as an option for commercial software but even then it is not always trivial to understand how the software operates or even how to regenerate its binaries.
At Altreonic we offer besides binary licenses so-called "Open" Licenses. These license incude not only source code, but also formal models, design documents, test suites and even the right to generate binary version of the tools. Ideal to safeguard future access to the software or to include the tools with your products. The use of OpenComRTOS itself is royalty free.
4. Consultancy, training and services:

To know more on how we can assist you in your next project, feel free to contact us.

5. Altreonic is speaking at Flanders Drive' seminar on Functional Safety Engineering Processes: not a burden but a benefit.

Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO of Altreonic will open the seminar by putting the concept of safety engineering in a wider perspective under the title "Zen and the art of safety engineering".

Thursday, 29 April 2010 from 9.00u-18.00 hrs.
De Montil, Moortelstraat 8, 1790 Essene, België. For registration visit

Visit us at Hannover Messe, 19-23 April 2010, Hall 9 Stand F30.

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