You are hereDownload OpenComRTOS designer suite v.1.4. Master thesis proposal on a safety case.

Download OpenComRTOS designer suite v.1.4. Master thesis proposal on a safety case.

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 07 March 2011

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The OpenComRTOS designer suite v.1.4. (Win32) with new supporting tools and demos is now avalable from the download section.

An interesting new example is the e-wheel simulator (see screenshot). It is composed of 3 nodes, one handling the input from the user, one running the control loop and one running the physical model. An additional windows application handles the 3D visualisation and user input. While the example is a simulation, it is complete and by a simple recompilation the controller node can be remapped to e.g. an attached ARM controller (of any other supported). This ewheel demo is also the subject of a Master Thesis proposal supported by Flanders Drive. Interested students can contact us or Flanders Drive. For details see the attached thesis outline.

Experience how OpenComRTOS transparently programs multi-node systems by creating extra Win32 nodes and remapping the entities. Just recompile and execute. This release also includes the Safe Virtual Machine, OpenTracer and the Open System Debugger.  Readers can freely download the OpenComRTOS suite. A password is required to unzip the files. Contact us at info(dot)request(at) or use the contact from for obtaining it.

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