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Meet Altreonic at National Electronics Week ADEC Expo

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 13 February 2014

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Visit and meet us at this biennial show, the only event in South Africa that is dedicated to the electronics production, components, systems and applications sector. Booth 4/51.

Attend our presentation "Systems Engineering for the masses with GoedelWorks and OpenComRTOS"


Systems Engineering and its many subdomain engineering activities are in general synonym for complex processes. And indeed, many activities and steps are necessary to come to a trustworthy product. In addition when it really matters, certification requires that many artifacts are produced as evidence that all system and process requirements are met. The result is that systems engineering is considered costly and mainly reserved for large organisations.

Major reasons for the complexity and difficulty of applying systems engineering principles are the heuristic history and domain diversity as evidenced in the existence of numerous standards. Time to unify it in common approach.

Altreonic has been working the last years on developing a unified systems engineering model. It supports existing standards and models and allows each organization to define their own process. Yet, the unified metamodel is surprisingly straightforward and covers most engineering concepts with just 16 entities. Further refinement provides a common pattern for all Work Package activities that supports the highest levels of safety assurance.

Supported by an internet portal, it allows small as well as large organisations to tackle any systems engineering project in a straightforward way. The GoedelWorks portal acts as a wizard as well as a repository providing full traceability.  Automation replaces much manual and tedious work and makes it cost-efficient also for small companies. It is now available under a SaaS as well as Open licensing mode.

Complementary is OpenComRTOS Designer. Formally developed and verified, it allows to program distributed and multiprocessor real-time systems as if it was a single processor. Yet the code is only 10 Kbytes. It comes wit a visual modeler, code generators  and supporting tracing and debugging tools. Used in demanding safety critical applications such as found in aerospace-defense, a qualification package is available as a project under GoedelWorks. Small, yet high performant, it is increasingly used to displace legacy (RT)OS using a POSIX mapping library. Available as well under an Open Technology License.

Presenter: Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO Altreonic NV

Short bio:

Eric Verhulst, CEO/CTO of Altreonic has a long history of expertise in embedded real-time processing, in particular in the context of distributed and parallel systems. Educated as an engineer in electronics, he founded his own companies active in parallel embedded real-time operating systems, applying formal methods to software development, safety and systems engineering, providing engineering services as well as developing customers with supporting tools for demanding markets. Altreonic is also active in european projects dealing with multicore programming, safety certification, high reliability and e-mobility.

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