You are hereMissed Altreonic at Electronica 2010 in München?

Missed Altreonic at Electronica 2010 in München?

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 29 October 2010

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Missed Electronica-2010 and you were looking for enabling technology for embedded systems?


Altreonic has solutions that might also work for you:

  • a common sense systems and software engineering approach to embedded systems
  • an integrated real-time and concurrent software development environment
  • a formally developed network-centric RTOS that can handle large heterogeneous targets in 5 KiBytes/node
  • controllers that can be scalable as well as fault tolerant.

Here's your chance to catch up:

Order the OpenComRTOS suite v. 1.4 for ARM-M3 and Win32 before 31.12.2010 at a special price of 9990 euro and get a Luminary ARM development kit for free. This is our latest release and an ideal way to experience how easy parallel concurrent real-time programming can be. Take one of the supplied examples, modify it or just remap some of the tasks to another node with no source code changes. The visual modelling environment and its code generators make even programming the C code very straightforward.  Contact us at info.request (@) for more details.

Download our presentation on "Concurrent systems composing in a reliable and efficient way".

Abstract: Push button high reliability might sound like a clever marketing slogan, but at Altreonic we make it happen. The key to it is combining a long experience with a formalised approach. This allows us to make systems smaller, more reliable and thus better. It is a formalised process that works because the human side has been taken into account. Unified semantics is hence one of the expressions you will often hear at Altreonic. The result is that safety engineering is now within reach of small and medium sized companies.

Download the presentation here.

Access the full presentation here (30 minutes).

Or have a look at a 3 minutes video interview by ICC Media. See it here.

For which application domains does Altreonic's technology make a difference? We highlight the main ones:

  • Ultra low power applications. Code size matters.
  • Distributed sensing and control. Because OpenComRTOS is concurrent at the core.
  • Scalable processing system. Because OpenComRTOS disassociates topology from the application.
  • Fault tolerant processing. Because redundancy is natural for OpenComRTOS.

Feel free to visit our website at for more details or download the Windows version of the OpenComRTOS suite for free. Learn how concurrent, parallel real-time programming can be more natural than shared memory sequential or multi-threaded programming.

Interested? Contact us at info.request (@) or register for our newsletter.

Altreonic is now looking for partners world-wide. 


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