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Altreonic and LikeAbird join forces

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 24 October 2017

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Date:   9th October 2017

Press Release:

Altreonic NV, provider of the unique fault tolerant VirtuosoNext RTOS environment, and

LikeAbird S.L.U., provider of the INAV-IG, the industrial grade Autopilot/Flight Control System Ecosystem for unmanned systems and drones

join forces in combining both technologies in an integrated platform.

LikeAbird is a R&D Think Tank company providing innovative systems, products and solutions in the field of the unmanned (air/land/sea) and robotic industry.

The INAV-IG is an open source framework for building safety-critical real-time autopilot applications that mathematically guarantees operation of a remotely piloted aircraft within certain prescribed state constraints. It is MISRA-C compliant with the goal to be DO-178B certifiable (excluding the Community Edition) and will run on DO-254 compliant hardware. INAV-IG is a industrial-grade derivate of iNAV, an open source autopilot software project that breached the 15.000 installations and counts over 6.000 active users. This will give an enormous community pool for the INAV-IG CE Edition. iNAV PRO will be the first professional version of the hobby-grade iNAV available and marks the INAV-IG project starting point. In conjunction with LikeAbird mission controller boards, it provides everything needed to develop application specific drone configurations.

Altreonic is an innovative company focusing on trustworthy embedded systems engineering. One of the key products is the formally developed VirtuosoNext RTOS environment. It provides unique features such as fine grain partitioning and it allows to recover from runtime exceptions in a few microseconds without having to reboot. This effectively provides fault tolerance in software. Further, its transparent distributed programming model makes it easy to add hardware redundancy. Fault tolerance is a pre-condition for most safety critical autonomous systems, such as drones and vehicles. Altreonic applies its own tools in the development of the KURT electric vehicle.

The combination of fine-grain concurrency and the fast recovery effectively provides support for non-stop hard real-time processing even when faults occur.



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