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New booklet on real-time programming of multicore processors

By eric.verhulst - Posted on 31 March 2017

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Altreonic has released an updated version of its "QoS and real-time requirements for embedded many- and multicore systems" booklet. A major chapter was added covering the fine-grain partitioning support of VirtuosoNext on several target processors (Texas Instruments M3, A9, C6678 and Freescale 2080). The paper clearly shows that partitioning support for safety and security can be implemented with almost no penalties for the real-time behaviour. In addition, the code size remains very modest (ranging from less than 10 kbytes to 38 kbytes depending on the target). Download the attached publication for more details.

RealTime - QoS - fine grain partitioning.pdf5.05 MB



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