Trustworthy forever

OpenComRTOS support for Xilinx MicroBlaze

Altreonic has achieved a first port of OpenComRTOS to the Xilinx MicroBlaze softcore processor. First results are reported in the attached papers. A public release is scheduled for mid October.

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Altreonic, first spin-off of Open License Society goes for high reliability

On 1st September, Altreonic was officially created as a spin-off of Open License Society. The latter started in 2004 to research a unified systems engineering methodology aiming at trust-worthy systems and products. Formal methods were adopted and tools were developed proving that the methodology actually delivers. After 4 years of intensive research, Altreonic is putting the research into practice. The goal is "Push button high reliability!" for embedded systems.The team is composed of 14 people and headed by Eric Verhulst, a veteran guru in real-time multi-processor operating systems and embedded systems research and development. It's first product, the Virtuoso distributed RTOS, was acquired in 2001 by Wind River Systems.



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